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Rock Trail auf DeutschClimbing in Saxon Switzerland – Elbe Sandstone Mountains - Saxony

Saxon Switzerland – Climbing in the National Park – Peak Climbing

Elbsandstein Klettern, Sächsische SchweizSaxon Switzerland is one of the largest natural occurrences of sandstone in Europe and with over 1100 registered climbing peaks is the German El-Dorado for climbers around the world!
We will be climbing in a unique landscape of rock formations unlike any other in Europe.
The climbing course is not just about climbing but also about how the rock formations came to be, about respecting nature’s richness and biodiversity. You will learn simple climbing and safety techniques with natural rock and have the opportunity to practice with the real material from the word go.
On reaching the top, you can sign your name in the legendary book at the top of each peak in Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland. After the exertions of the day, the day draws leisurely to a close around the fire...

Klettern ElbsandsteingebirgeWhat’s included in our climbing courses:

- Duration: 6 hours minimum
- Insurance from the moment the tour departs
- Shuttle transfer to climbing location
- A minimum of 2 tour guides
- All equipment

Save money with a group booking: five people for the price of four!

Example – Beginner’s climbing course:
5 people = 240 Euro (4 x 60 Euro)
10 people = 480 Euro (8 x 60 Euro)

Prices for the climbing courses

Climbing taster day:
10 adults or more!
Adult: 55 Euro
Child up to 14 years: 35 Euro
Buchung und Termine anfragen  

Beginner’s climbing course
Adult: 60 Euro
Child up to 14 years: 40 Euro
Buchung und Termine anfragen  

Advanced climbing course
Adult: 60 Euro
Child up to 14 years: 40 Euro
Buchung und Termine anfragen  

Group climbing courses for all levels of ability

Each route is chosen to fit the ability of the group so that everyone can enjoy the experience of climbing!
KletterkursThe climbing courses take place in Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland. Those who reach the top are rewarded with a breathtaking view over the valleys, forests and rock formations and a feeling of adrenalin, satisfaction and happiness all at once. You can also sign your name in the legendary book that awaits you at the top of every official registered peak in the national park.
Our courses provide you with the necessary basic skills for safe climbing.

Klettern ElbsandsteingebirgeThe practice of “free climbing”, now popular around the world, was founded here in Saxon Switzerland and since then the region has been a firm favourite among locals as well as climbers from around the world. Climbing is a natural and aesthetic form of movement harnessing one’s own strength to master even peaks that at first sight may seem too high or too difficult. There is almost always more than one way leading to the peak, some more difficult than others. These are classified in degrees of difficulty, which in our region lie between I and XI.

Climbing: knots – how to tie knots - safe rock climbing

A brief overview of the most important knots to know when climbing. Click on the thumbnail-image to see each page. Feel free to print them out and practice before coming!

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